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About Us

ACT Machine Industry and Trade Ltd. Co. was founded in 2010. We have been providing on-site maintenance and repair services, original and/or OEM(Original Equipment ManufACTurer) spare parts for the inventories of the ports and the construction projects all over Turkey.
ACT Machinery family, as a professional corporation formed consisting of specialists and engineers, is dedicated to ensuring the highest customer satisfACTion by offering the highest-quality parts focused on customer demands and the best quality services for the product groups of the following companies.
• Sennebogen
• Atlas
• Gottwald
• Linde
• Cummins
• Fuchs
• Deutz
• Perkins
• Bosch


To show an innovative, solution-oriented approach in the projects we exist with our dynamic and ACTive power with our professional production/sales and planning staff.
As a company that has adopted the principle of quality and customer satisfACTion; to provide added value at the maximum level to the companies we are solution partners with.

Our Values

o    Ensuring the highest level of customer satisfACTion is our first goal.
o    Everyone in the corporation is a part of the company and so employee motivation is our most important starting point.
o    ACTing in favor of the society and environment we exist in is one of our fundamental values.
o    Transparent and open communication is always the main feature of us in all our relationships with customers, business partners, employees, and society.
o    Creating mutual trust and respect applies to all the communities with which we communicate.
o    Keeping up with the changing world and technological developments, education, training, and self-development are the elements of our corporate culture.
o    Ensuring all the parts of the main wholeness ACT for the same goal towards the importance we put on teamwork.

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