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Periodic Maintenance Agreements(PMA)

PMA(PBA), which means "Periodic Maintenance Agreements", is the general name of the special maintenance agreement packages prepared for the periodic controls of your work machine by highly-skilled professionals, analyzing the necessary oil samples, making oil and filter changes as required.

Our aim is to make you forget about the periodic maintenance of your machine and get these maintenances safely done as required without disturbing the busy pace of your machine, while you focus on your project and work. Regular and professional periodic maintenance also protects your machine from high-costly breakdowns and long-term downtime.

Especially the users of the heavy machinery working in various difficult locations far from residential areas in hard conditions are in need of PMAs. The periodic maintenance services specially designed for these users are provided by our experts. Our periodic maintenance services can be provided in short and/or long terms with advantageous options and also save both individuals and corporates from the repair and maintenance materials stocking problems of the machines working day and night.

Your gains with PMA:

o    Extending the life of your machines
o    Easy to pay
o    Extra spare parts discount for 'Maintenance Package'
o    'Maintenance Certificate' for your machine
o    Detecting potential major malfunctions in advance
o    Regular reporting regarding maintenance, analysis, and detections

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